• Jessica Albers, PhD, PAPHS

    Assistant Professor

    Human Performance Department

    Exercise Science Program

    • MSU Mankato offers a BS in Exercise Science and an MS in Exercise Physiology. 
    • Our programs emphasize a well-rounded education combined with practical application through research, internships, and client-centered course projects. 
    • I serve as the Program Coordinator for the Exercise Physiology program and the Internship Coordinator for the Exercise Science program.  
  • Research Team

    Undergraduate Research

    Students gain valuable experience in the research process, problem-solving, and working within a team while completing research projects. Exercise Science students regularly present their research at the MSU Undergraduate Research Symposium and the Northland ACSM Conference.


    If you are interested in conducting your own research project, volunteering to collect data for other research projects, or just learning about the research process, fill out the research team inquiry below.


    Examples of student research topics I have mentored:

    • Highschool injury relationship to current physical activity levels
    • Academic and overall stress in student take physical activity classes
    • Handgrip strength among aerobic trained, resistance trained, rock climbers, and sedentary populations
    • Static vs dynamic stretching and vertical jump performance
  • My Work

    I throughly enjoy working with students and the community to integrate physiological and psychological components of exercise and physical activity for all ages and demographics.


    Fall 2018

    • HP 477 Foundations of Behavior Change
    • HP 687 Exercise is Medicine
    • HP 619 Youth PA and Sport
    • HP 693 Ex Phys Graduate Seminar

    Spring 2019

    • HP 477 Foundations of Behavior Change
    • HP 487 Applied Exercise Science 
    • HP 291 Concepts of Fitness
    • HP 630 Research Methods



    • Co-chair of the Allied Health and Nursing Diversity Committee
    • Undergraduate Research Council Member


    • HP Curriculum Committee
    • Undergraduate Internship Coordinator
    • Exercise Physiology Program Coordinator
    • Pre-OT Faculty Advisor


    • Faculty Advisor to the EIM-OC Club
    • WSPECW Conference Planning Committee 


    Current Research Topics

    • Heart rate variability and perceived stress in collegiate volleyball players
    • Heart rate, mood, RPE, and self-efficacy during single and double under jump rope intervals

    Past Research Topics

    • PA levels, academic stress, and overall stress in college student enrolled in PA classes
    • Jump rope afterschool programs impact on PA, enjoyment, competence, and self-worth
  • Professional Development

    Teaching effectively, Conducting scholarly research, Continued preparation and study, Fostering student growth,

    and Serving the University and community

  • Education 

    University of Minnesota


    Kinesiology, Behavioral Aspects of Physical Activity

    PhD Minor in Prevention Science

    Texas A&M Corpus Christi



    Baylor University


    Health Science Studies

  • Contact Me

    Office: Highland Center North 170


    MNSU Ex Science



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